Good Attitude Begets Good Work: 3 Qualities that Impress Employers


employeeYour résumé is ready and all the documents for your hiring are in order. Now, all you need is to impress your potential employer and show the management that you’re suited for the available position.

While some people can be easily fazed by words, most companies uphold great values and have high expectations of new hires. As discussed by experts at CPE Group, companies go out of their way to find the best employees for their business.

Here are some of the qualities that you might want to retain to impress potential employers:


A good manager can gauge your confidence the moment you step inside the room – from the way you sit to the way you shake hands. If you’re anything but confident during a job interview, you’ll have problems answering the questions and presenting your best side.

To avoid the embarrassment and the anxiety of making the wrong impression, do your research about the company, the nature of the business, and the position. Have a good grasp of how they run things, and confidence will come to you naturally.

Great Interpersonal Skills

Employers hire people who can keep up with the pace of their business, cooperate with others, and build a positive work environment. Most managers even commend employees who can put their own conflicts behind them and get the job done as efficiently as possible. Great interpersonal skills show how well you can get along with other people, whether in grace or in duress. If you’re not accustomed to working with others, you might want to re-evaluate your career options.


Companies are not only looking for people who can work for them. Rather, they are looking for those who can progress with them. Most employers are very particular when it comes to initiative—they want employees who have great leadership potential and a strong sense of responsibility. During the interview, tell your potential employer about the time when you proposed a new project or improved how things run in the workplace. Showing initiative can serve as a good credit when they hire you for the job.

Matching your skills and experience to the position offered is only half the battle; it’s also about presenting the proper attitude and character for a good work environment.

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started as a management trainee at a local bank in Astoria, Oregon, from which she rose from the ranks and attained a mid-level management post. She now serves as the operations director of a leading online company.

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