Gift Ideas for Your Would-be College Kid

purchasing used cars

purchasing used carsA kid who had a successful college application deserves some credit for a job well done. Here are some gift ideas they will surely enjoy when they go to college.


College entails a lot of research work and studying. Thus, having the right gadgets will help them maintain good grades. A new laptop can be a good gift idea for this. Install software your child needs for their course.


If you have the money, why not give your kid their own car? While they’re away in college, they could certainly use it for their occasional trips back home and quick drives to the town’s stores. You can buy used BMWs in Irvine online along with different models. If your kid already has a car, prepaid gas cards are an ideal gift choice.

Small Appliances

It’s convenient to have a few small appliances inside your kid’s dorm. This will allow them to make coffee and have breakfast without going to the cafeteria, giving them more time to devote to studying and other projects. Research about what your kid has in the dorm to provide something that they really need. A small microwave, mini fridge, tea kettle, or a coffee maker would surely make them smile.

Video Game System

If they do have a TV in their dorm, a gaming console would be a good gift. Otherwise, consider handheld systems they can take anywhere.


Giving your kid shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries can save them a lot of money from going to the store and buying these necessities themselves.


Books are still and will always be a valuable source of knowledge. Choose books that will help your child grow as a person, something they’re interested in, or a publication related to their course.

It is certainly an achievement for your child to succeed in applying for a college degree. With that said, they need your full support so they can grow and achieve more in life. Simple gifts would give them the extra push they need and help them obtain that sought-after degree.

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