Four Websites from 2014 That Can Inspire the Design of Your Website

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website designThe demand for website designers was increasing day by day last year, since more businesses, blogs and social networks recognize the importance of a well-made website. Clients and Internet users like it more and they tend to come back to browse or explore all the features. At face value, it’s already alluring and then it’s also functioning well.

Many websites created last year pushed the boundary of creativity within web design. You can take inspiration from these websites or find a single aspect that you can reinvent into something different. Here are some of them, as listed by Bricks and Mortar Creative:

1. Grovemade

Assume for a moment that most of the websites will include selling the product of a particular company. Grovemade made a straightforward design about their main commodity: iPhone protectors and their special wood case. You can navigate through the website because all its destinations are available on the top bar.

2. I Remember

This website was built to spread awareness of how Alzheimer’s disease actually affects the brain. Visually enticing and interactive, users can learn about one of the most crippling effects of the illness.

3. Quay

Minimalism takes full flight on this dining website. Other fine gourmet restaurants should take notice at how the design was made to put the user’s focus on the dish displayed on the home page.

4. Volkswagen

The German carmaker used the benefits of modern, sharp photography to fuel the design of their website. The textured background and simple typefaces below fully complement the beaming red Golf GTI in the center.

Don’t be afraid to use other sites as an introductory vision for your own. It’s important to have an idea about web design. By observing how these websites created theirs, you can give birth to a new one that’s completely you.

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