Four Things To Consider When Planning For An Outdoor Wedding

garden wedding reception setup

Summertime is quite a favorite time for people to do their weddings. Outdoor weddings can be exceptional; however, doing so require a lot more than getting a wedding tent rental in St. Paul, MN. To help ensure that everything will go smoothly as planned, here are a few tips help make your wedding remarkable.

1. Decorate the tent

Tents are a blank slate for details and require designing just like every other part of the venue. So, try to decorate it with curtains, carpets, flowers, and even chandeliers to give it an extra look. Just ensure that your decoration will still fit the theme of the wedding so it won’t appear like a sore thumb.

2. Prepare some outdoor seating

Aside from having enough tables and chairs for guests to seat during the meal, you may also prepare other places for them to relax and enjoy the event. Creating a more comfortable environment even outside the central reception area is an excellent addition to the overall design.

3. Install great lightings

Installing proper lightings inside the tent is quite simple. However, adding a few decorative lights can make a difference to the overall atmosphere. So, whether you decide on adding a few paper lanterns or even twinkle lights, having a few lighting details can make the venue genuinely magical.

4. Prepare for some band and DJ accommodation

Aside from the guests, you also have to ensure that both the band and the DJ have their place where they can relax. Also, provide a reliable source of power near the DJ’s table so there won’t be any problems as soon as the party starts.

These are just a few tips to consider when you have an outdoor wedding. Always remember that weddings are such a joyous moment that everyone should enjoy and shouldn’t worry about.