Finding the Right Massage Therapy for You

Woman Getting A MessageFor most people, a massage is a massage. It’s about bodily relief. Technically, whatever is available to make a good massage will do.

But a good massage should fix your physical ailments, and not be just a stream of mindless movements. There’s a right kind of massage for every person and knowing the methods should help you decide on the massage technique you need in different situations. Whether you want to recharge, relax, or release stress, an informed choice will help you achieve your goals.

On the other hand, having a trusted massage therapist can ease the process for you. It’s like having a doctor who knows your record. Some of them even offer a mobile massage, like Revive Zone, where they go to you rather than the other way around. It’s a nice extra to keep in mind, and a convenient one, as well. If you just can’t muster the will to drive, they’re always a call away.

Here are the three popular massages to get you started:

Swedish Massage

More egalitarian than Scandinavian, a Swedish massage is about equal comfort for all. Depending on the therapist’s coverage, it will include your legs, arms, neck, and back. As a result, you achieve relief from pain and stress, and relaxation.

This method also improves your white blood cell count and circulation.

Hot Stone Massage

The most common stones used in massage are igneous and metamorphic types. Their heat-retaining qualities are perfect for alleviating stress deep within your skin. Your therapist places them at key points all over your body. They will perform long strokes, knead, tap or circular movements with the stones.

This massage is effective in relieving muscle tension, promoting sleep, and reducing physical stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

You may find this technique like a Swedish massage. The main difference is that the therapist will bury his or her hands deeper. The goal is to reach within your body, in your tendons and under the protective layer of your skin. It will help people with limited mobility, increased muscle tension, and postural problems.

If it’s unavailable, a sports massage is a good alternative.

Having a preference in massage is ideal. If you’re stressed and looking for that common source of relief, your choice of technique will be a refreshing font for your body.