Expand Your UTE’s Storage Capability With a Lift Off Canopy

Lift Off Canopy

With such great versatility and immense storage space, it should no longer come as a surprise that UTEs continue to grow in popularity amongst Australians. In fact, these utility vehicles are quickly taking the lead over their wagon counterparts.

UTE canopies have undergone considerable improvements and innovations over the years. From the simple covers to the modern, weatherproof storage compartments, today’s UTE canopies are definitely worth the investment.

The trucker’s best friend during the work week

There are a number of canopy types to choose from, with each having t its own advantages. But when you need something that can provide you with a secure storage space and a safe way to transport your equipment, you should consider buying a lift-off canopy.

This lets you enjoy all the standard features you can get from an integrated canopy. But instead of having to directly secure it your ride’s chassis, you can “lift” it off and detach it when you want to use the existing tray.

Strength, durability and comfort rolled into one

Even before all the improvements they received, UTEs have already captured the attention and hearts of many truckers. Their strength and durability make them ideal for off-road adventures, while their design still allows for comfort and ease during all those back road-passing times.

With today’s touring set-ups though, you can choose from many different levels of refinement, allowing you to enjoy and get the most out of the country’s expanse, just the way you want it.

This ease-of-removal is just one of the biggest advantages of the lift-off version. This alone should already prompt you to consider investing in one, especially when you want or need more storage space.