From Electricity to Equipment: Breaking Down Home Studio Essentials

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electrical supply companyPeople who are into music may want to build a studio right in the comfort of their own homes. With the right equipment and the help of an electrical supply company, you can build a professional quality home studio. Here are the basic tools every home studio should have.

Recording Device

Believe it or not, the personal computer you use now is actually an integral part of it all. It’s commonly used in home studios because it’s compact and simple. Every computer has a built-in sound card that will work fine for home studio recordings.

Recording Software

Have an audio recording and editing software installed on your computer. Find one that can record both analog audio from a microphone and MIDI data from electronic instruments. You can edit and mix several tracks, add sound effects, and export recordings using audio software.


You should get a good microphone to ensure that your recordings are of top quality. No amount of digital effects and editing can save a bad recording from a bad microphone. A condenser microphone is advisable for acoustic vocals and instruments recording. Get a pop filter for your mic to make vocals sound clearer.

Headphones and Speakers

Get monitor speakers to hear exactly what the recorded audio sounds like in real time. This will help you know exactly how the recording sounds and makes it easier to fix if it sounds wrong. You’ll also need headphones because recording sessions are done in a multi-track format. You must hear previously done tracks using headphones as you record a new one for synchronization purposes.

Audio Interface

You need an audio interface to convert analog audio to digital audio. This takes the pressure off the processing power of your computer. This is essentially useful for laptops which mostly have slower processors and don’t have extra space for internal PCI cards.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can run your home studio efficiently and produce quality recordings. Plan the design and use the space well to feel comfortable every time you’re recording.

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