Different Steel Grades for Better Bicycle Frames

Bicycle frames come commonly made of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. While each material has gained a solid following, the title of “best material” for bicycle frames continues to be debated today. As a custom bicycle frame builder, you have the ability to explore the possibilities of other materials and grades that may be able to address the pitfalls of the common types of frames.

Strong & Durable

Take steel frames as an example. Steel has long been used as a material for bicycle frame. It provides strength, durability, and long life to bicycles. On a rough terrain, steel bicycles can endure all kinds of abuse, and you can still ride them in the end. Steel bicycles can also be easy to repair. You can get the materials you need from reputable steel coil manufacturers in your location.

Explore Steel Grades

While steel is prone to rusting, you can use different steel grades to address the problem. You can use lighter steel tubing, as well as stainless steel grades to ensure a more durable end product. Doing so, however, may raise the costs of your bicycle frames, but the benefits customers can get are worth every dollar.

Cold Rolled Steel

In order to explore different grades of steel to create a better steel bicycle frame, you have to learn about cold rolled steel. This material has been the top choice for those who are designing and producing bicycle frames. “Cold rolled” refers to the type of processing the steel undergoes.

Cold rolled steel coil manufacturers can fabricate different grades of steel to your specifications. Work with them to explore the possibilities different steel grades can bring to your bicycle frames. Your customers will thank you for that.

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