Cooling Your Home With an AC Will Not Cost Much With This Trick


airconSince its introduction in the market, air conditioner units have been the darling of home cooling in many Australian homes. In hot and humid months, air conditioners are in the forefront of keeping your home temperature as comfortable as possible.

However, the energy cost of air conditioning units occupies the largest portion of your home’s energy consumption. In fact, you can feel higher energy consumption in months when air conditioning units are running for 12 hours or more, points out Conduct Air Conditioning.

Ceiling Fans a Cheap Alternative?

Some homeowners switch from air conditioners to ceiling fans to keep the temperature of their house considerably cool. However, ceiling fans do not actually cool your room; it just circulates the air around your living space to make it feel cooler.

In fact, in super-hot and humid days, you may feel that turning the ceiling fans on doesn’t actually make a change in your room temperature. Additionally, having two or three electric fans running at the same time could also carry a hefty cost on your electric bills.

Air Conditioning Innovations Significantly Cut Energy Costs

Innovative air conditioning units offer efficient cooling without adding up to energy costs. Inverter type air conditioners, for instance, are equipped with a variable-speed compressor that allows the unit to regulate to the desired temperature. This operation is perfect for energy efficiency without having to sacrifice home cooling.

In buying cheaper air conditioning units, split system air conditioner prices are lower than some of its counterparts, although you may have to deal with bigger energy costs in the long run if you decide to buy older AC models.

Combining the use of air conditioner and a ceiling fan can actually provide you the energy efficiency that you always wanted. Because ceiling fans can help circulate cool air across the room, you may feel 3 to 8 degrees cooler than using an air conditioner alone. This allows you to nudge your air conditioning unit several degrees higher, which helps you save from your energy bills.

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