Out of the Classroom and Into the World: 3 Reasons You Need to Save Field Trips

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field tripStudents in many parts of the world are less likely to take part in learning outside the traditional classroom setting. According to a research from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), about 13% of schools in Britain fail to take children out for a school field trip on a regular basis.

Avoid from becoming one of those teachers that do not realise the long-term value of field trips. Here are some reasons it should remain in your plans for the next school year:

Expands Learning

When you plan a field trip on your own or with companies like Adaptable Travel, you are able to expand the scope of learning beyond daily routines. Students tend to learn more about a particular subject, and retain the learning through this kind of teaching method.

It may mean escaping the classroom for a day or two, but this does not necessarily mean that learning will stop. Students can learn with actual experiences, and interact with you in a less formal environment. Depending on the location, students can observe animals, plants, and artefacts firsthand.

Strengthens Bonds

A field trip gives students an opportunity to connect and interact with other pupils on a more personal level. Most of the time you have to put them in groups and give them the opportunity to spend time talking about common interests. This will help develop team spirit for the rest of the school year.

Educators carry a big responsibility during a school trip, but it can be a fulfilling experience. It will help strengthen your bond with students as well; it gives you the chance get to know them personally. Your students will see you as more than a teacher, but a friend as well.

Promotes Civic Engagement

Field trips help promote the value of lifelong civic engagement with whatever sector or industry students become involved with later on in life. The trip can provide children the opportunity to learn more about different ideas, opportunities, and professions, stirring the desire of a child to pursue dreams and try new things.

Planning a field trip may be difficult, but remember that it will be the biggest adventure the kids will experience with you during the whole school year.

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worked as a paralegal for five years before developing his passion for education. He now teaches political science at a local college in Tennessee.

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