Check and Maintain Your Drive Chain for Safe Motorcycle Rides

Girl Wearing Helmet In A MotorcycleMotorcycles can be beasts on the road, which makes them enjoyable to ride. You may have a motorcycle yourself that you ride aggressively around your hometown. Twice a month or for every 500 to 700 miles you ride, however, you should perform maintenance on your motorcycle’s drive chain.

The key to motorcycle power

The drive chain transfers the power of your engine to the rear wheel of your motorcycle. Without maintenance, the drive chain can significantly reduce the power of your ride. An unmaintained drive chain also increases the chances of breakage, which could send your motorcycle flying with you on it.

Prepare care tools

If you want to stay safe on the road and continue to enjoy your cruises, you have to take care of your motorcycle’s drive chain. You can first prepare the right tools and equipment. You will need different wrenches, a brush, a new cotter pin, rags, and a tape measure. A Titan motorcycle lift can also come in handy for lifting your motorcycle to a level comfortable for you.

Check the tension

Now, with your tape measure, pull the middle of the drive chain up and down. Correct tension allows the chain to move around one inch up and one inch down. The chain can be stiff in some parts, however, and you will have to turn the rear wheel to inspect other sections of the chain. When you notice tightness in individual chain links, you can replace the drive chain entirely.

Adjust if needed

If you see any looseness or tightness in your chain, adjust the tension accordingly. You can consult your bike’s manual to know how to adjust your specific motorcycle.

Clean and lubricate

Finally, clean and lubricate your drive chain. Lubrication and regular cleaning can prolong its life. You can then save on chain replacements.

Follow the practices above and be assured that you will be safe even as you reach 60 mph on your motorcycle.