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A Businessman’s Wish: Better Transportation Choices

Published on April 14th, 2015 | by John Robinson

car hireThe hassles of travelling for business purposes – the list goes on and on. This could include lost baggage, delayed flights, incorrect hotel reservations, and so on. One of the biggest problems a businessman encounters in international visits is lack of transportation. Specifically, private transportation, especially in countries where the visitor is not familiar with the native language.

Sometimes English speaking travellers find difficulty in using the different versions of the language: Australian, British, American, and so on. This is enough to put businessmen at their wit’s end, wishing they hadn’t made the trip in the first place.
The solution: airport car rentals. Here is how.


The businessman can go straight to any rental booth right after they land. The rental booths are normally within clear view as soon as you enter the terminal. Sometimes they are even along the ticketing, departing or baggage claim areas.

And the best thing is that most of these car rental services is that they have courteous, English-speaking staff to help you out with your requirements.

Instant Solution

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out upon arrival that there’s been a mix-up with your rental car and there would be no vehicle available to pick you up from the airport. This could mean having to deal with untrustworthy cabbies or overpriced rental stores from the local phonebook.

With airport rentals, there’s always a bigger chance of you finding the deal, the car, the service and the payment scheme that would best fit your needs. Haggling for the best client’s product and service is replaced by personalised international-class offers.


Business and economy class travellers require affordable transportation options, while hoping to get the best kind of services and units. Client offers great value-for-money car hire on a wide range of new model vehicles. This includes small, medium, to sports utility vehicles and even 8-seater commuter, and yet offers these transports at affordable prices.

And they are not just for the large main airports. An example are the cheap car hire in Perth airports, such as, usually offer to their travellers. Additional points for those that have their own online reservation sites so you can make your choices and payments even before you land.

For businessmen, whose time and money are truly precious, the continued growth of car rental companies within airport facilities makes their trip a little less stressful and a lot more productive and enjoyable. Next time you travel, consider them for your transportation needs to have a better and more convenient experience.

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Why Green Trucks are Safer than Red Ones

Published on March 6th, 2015 | by John Robinson

green truck doorThere are some things that are so ingrained into the human psyche that they’re difficult, or even impossible, to change. Some examples of these are, baby animals are always cute, and snowmen are a fixture of Christmas. These are all subjective decisions and patterns of behaviour, but people will inevitably gravitate towards the popular opinion as if they didn’t have a choice.

One of these nearly unchangeable cultural dictates is that fire trucks need to be red. It’s one of the most common examples when parents teach their children about colours, specifically the colour red. Fire trucks are on the same cue card as apples and strawberries, and once it’s on a pre-school card, almost nothing in the world will be strong enough to change it.

Red Flags

Why is this relevant? Because trucks of all sizes and industries are taking their cues from the popularity of red, and are plying down the road looking like giant stop signs. The only exceptions are companies that have a specific colour in their name, such as Little Green Truck. Again, why is this relevant? Because having one red truck driving around isn’t safe, and having a road full of them is a disaster waiting to happen.

Invisible Red Trucks

According to a 2009 study conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the United States, the colour-transmitting cones in the human eye have a hard time seeing red. Tests were done in both low and bright light to simulate night and day conditions, and in both instances red fared poorly. The results show that the best colours for visibility are fluorescent hues such as green, yellow and orange.

These are significant findings because of the importance of visibility on the road for all vehicles. There are too many distractions on the road already that make driving more dangerous than it should be. Drivers, especially the ones who get behind the wheel for a living, don’t need the additional concern that other motorists might not see them.

It may be beyond the ability of government to change the colour of fire trucks, but it doesn’t preclude other industries to switch the colours of their own vehicles. Maybe a bright green can bring more life to the streets.

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More About the Assembly Line

Published on September 29th, 2014 | by John Robinson

Venturing into a manufacturing business requires knowledge about certain technicalities depending on the product or service you may offer. More or less, these procedures include metal working, machine control, and logistics. But, if there’s one thing you need to go over thoroughly, it should be the assembly line.

ford fiestaFor starters, an assembly line is a manufacturing process that involves the appending or adding of compatible parts to a product in an efficient order until the finished product reaches the end of the phase. The process is commonly seen in car or airplane factories.

The concept of the assembly line is credited to Ransom Olds and is further improved by Henry Ford by introducing conveyor belts; hence, the term moving assembly line. But, how can this process help you in your mass production business?

The Benefits

Car companies, most notably Ford, and industrial applications businesses, like Lyndex-Nikken, believe that assembly lines increase production and ensure uniformity of all products. It doesn’t require a worker to master the entire process of building, as he is assigned to work only on one or two aspects of the process. This makes training easier and quite inexpensive. The production is faster, as tasks are limited and there are set times in each process to avoid backlogs.

If you have a sizeable fund, you can choose to invest in machines you can put along the assembly line. Going for this option will ensure accuracy.

Common Issues

Understand that despite the efficiency the assembly production offers, there are some challenges that need to be overcome. Demand issues are the most obvious. If there are drastic changes in demands in your industry, it can be difficult to adjust the process, especially if it’s been used to a certain pace and volume.  Adjustments in the process, acquisition of materials, and staffing can cost a lot of money.

Whether you’re resorting to manual labor or depending on machines, problems in communication and the equipment may cause glitches on a product before it even reaches the end of the line. In turn, it will obstruct coming sets that need to be assembled; thus, causing delays and backlogs. Bottlenecks are commonly caused by unbalanced workloads in some phases of the production.

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The Last Australian Cars

Published on May 14th, 2014 | by John Robinson

car auctionsWhat defines a collectible car? It could be a car model that moulded a generation, or a model that was a limited edition. Collectibles can also be considered as such when they’re the first or last of their kind. If that were the case, then collectors will have their calendars full in trying to acquire more new vehicles, since there’s going to be plenty of ‘lasts’ coming along.

Holden, the Australian Car

Holden is the car of Australia, and is the biggest brand manufactured in the country since 1908. The brand is used as the official car of the Australian government. Holden became a subsidiary of America’s General Motors (GM) in 1931, and the auto empire’s recent troubles have reached Australian shores.

GM announced that it will cease Holden’s manufacturing operations in Australia, and will instead ship the cars into the country. According to the official timeline, the last auto-plant will close its doors in 2017,and the Australian auto industry will die.

Last Days

The 2017 Holden models will be the last of their kind to be made on Australian soil, and that will hold some significance for many collectors. The brand pullout is a terrible blow to the Australian economy, and has angered and saddened many car enthusiasts across the country. The brand is expected to see higher sales until that fateful year as car enthusiasts compete to own the brand before it ceases to become a symbol of the country.

Car Rush

Everyone will have to wait in line, as the government will sure to be the first to lay down reservations on the last of the models. The only way many Australians will be able to get their hands on the soon-to-be collectible cars are through auctions, or bargaining with private owners. There’s more competition in the former, but the chances of getting a vehicle without breaking the bank are also better.

Most people get their vehicles from auctions anyway, and anyone who isn’t already planning to get a specific vehicle, will probably get their hands on one through the bid. A collectible doesn’t always have an easily translatable monetary value, most of the time cars become collectibles because people think they are. The more people believe that the last Australian made cars are special, the more apparent it will become.

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Cars: How the Clutch Behaves

Published on March 7th, 2014 | by John Robinson

ClutchAnyone who has ever driven a car with a manual transmission knows how to use the clutch. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how it works, much less how to fix it if it’s broken. It doesn’t hurt to know a little bit about the clutch’s operation so you know exactly when to get professional clutch repairs before it totally quits on you.

How the clutch works

Cars need a clutch because the engine spins all the time, but the car’s wheels don’t. To make the car stop without stopping the engine, the engine needs to disconnect itself from the wheels. The clutch allows you to smoothly engage a spinning engine to a non-spinning transmission by controlling the slippage between them.

Warning signs of a clutch failure

The clutch is an important component of your vehicle. To make sure you’re not driving with a failing clutch, here are some warning signs that mean your clutch needs a replacement.

  • Burning smell –Your clutch emits a burning smell due to an overheated clutch plate. This can happen because you “ride the clutch” too much – driving along with your foot partially on the clutch most of the time. In such a case, professionals specializing in transmission and clutch repairs are your best resort.
  • Excessive slippage – A clutch that slips is a sure sign of a clutch failure. Just as your car’s brakes begin to slip when the material starts to wear out, clutch disks also wear down and cease to bind to the flywheel.
  • Disengagements – Your car’s hydraulic connections can also fail, resulting in a pressure shortage that prevents the clutch from disengaging. While this may not be an indication of a complete clutch failure, hydraulic issues and leaks still demand a repair.

It helps to identify the early warning signs of a clutch failure so you’ll know when to take it for a replacement. By paying attention to how your car behaves and doing regular maintenance, you can avoid paying for a costly clutch repair or replacement.

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purchasing used cars

Gift Ideas for Your Would-be College Kid

Published on January 15th, 2014 | by John Robinson

purchasing used carsA kid who had a successful college application deserves some credit for a job well done. Here are some gift ideas they will surely enjoy when they go to college.


College entails a lot of research work and studying. Thus, having the right gadgets will help them maintain good grades. A new laptop can be a good gift idea for this. Install software your child needs for their course.


If you have the money, why not give your kid their own car? While they’re away in college, they could certainly use it for their occasional trips back home and quick drives to the town’s stores. You can buy used BMWs in Irvine online along with different models. If your kid already has a car, prepaid gas cards are an ideal gift choice.

Small Appliances

It’s convenient to have a few small appliances inside your kid’s dorm. This will allow them to make coffee and have breakfast without going to the cafeteria, giving them more time to devote to studying and other projects. Research about what your kid has in the dorm to provide something that they really need. A small microwave, mini fridge, tea kettle, or a coffee maker would surely make them smile.

Video Game System

If they do have a TV in their dorm, a gaming console would be a good gift. Otherwise, consider handheld systems they can take anywhere.


Giving your kid shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries can save them a lot of money from going to the store and buying these necessities themselves.


Books are still and will always be a valuable source of knowledge. Choose books that will help your child grow as a person, something they’re interested in, or a publication related to their course.

It is certainly an achievement for your child to succeed in applying for a college degree. With that said, they need your full support so they can grow and achieve more in life. Simple gifts would give them the extra push they need and help them obtain that sought-after degree.

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Fiat Buys Remaining Stakes In Chrysler Deal

Published on January 3rd, 2014 | by John Robinson

Fiat signed a deal to buy the remaining 41.46% stake it doesn’t own in Chrysler Group from the UAW VEBA Trust. This is the last step Fiat needed to take to continue a merger between the two carmakers in a $4.35 billion deal.

Last Payments

fiatFiat S.p.A. said that the voluntary employee beneficiary association which covers the healthcare costs of UAW retirees will receive $3.65 billion for the stake. Additionally, Chrysler will also make a $700 million payment to the UAW trust fund given in four separate installations.

Fiat Chairman John Elkann said he has looked forward to this day since Chrysler began its rebuilding process in 2009. The deal is expected to close on January 20 of this year.

The Deal

Fiat will pay the trust $1.75 billion when the deal closes from cash on hand. Chrysler will make a special dividend $1.9 billion payment to complete the 41.5% transaction stake.

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