Castaway Washes Up On Island After 16 Months Adrift In Pacific

A man, who says he survived for more than a year adrift in the Pacific just by drinking turtle blood and catching fish with his bare hands, has been transported to the Marshall Islands for treatment.

The story of a castaway

16 Months Adrift In PacificThe castaway, who identified himself as Jose Ivan when he washed up on Ebon Atoll, claimed that he set sail from Mexico for El Salvador in September 2012 and has been floating on the sea ever since.

“We’ve been feeding him nutritious island food and he’s getting better,” Ebon Mayor Ione de Brum said in a statement. “He has pain in both knees so he cannot stand up by himself. Otherwise, he’s OK.”

Lost at sea

Ivan, with long hair and beard and dressed only in ragged underpants, allegedly spent five days onshore before locals noticed him.

He was found when his boat with propellerless engines floated onto the reef. Two residents saw him.

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