Doing Business in the US: Reasons for Foreign Investment

Wall St., New York

Many foreign investors consider the United States an ideal investment country. It is one of the largest economies in the world and is home to the biggest companies.

According to experts, the country’s economic recovery is stable and projections show it will remain that way. Since the financial crisis, the US economy has shown one of the strongest recoveries among other major economies.

Here are some of the reasons foreign investors and international companies invest in the United States:

Government Incentives

Wall St., New YorkForeign executives consider the US government’s regulations and policies positive. Some states and cities across America implement tax breaks and investment incentives to attract global manufacturing. The country is also very strong when it concerns intellectual property rights protection. This makes any of the fifty states an interesting choice for those who want to invest in research and development.

Treaties and Access to Markets

The country shares and enforces treaties with many different countries, allowing investors to work within its borders. This helps foreign investors maintain residency while pursuing all the different opportunities available to them. Acquiring an E-2 treaty investor visa allows investors to access to new markets.

Advanced Technology

The country’s access to advanced technology creates a good investment foundation. The country is known for its innovation in information and technology infrastructure, which is not readily available in other countries. The easy access to new technologies and the presence of a diversified labor pool make the United States a favorable investment environment for foreigners.

As the economy of the country continues to improve, the cost of doing business may increase. Putting up a business now may require a higher level of investment to compete with domestic established businesses. When deciding to launch in the United States, it is best to consider the choices of entity, leveraging, and classifications of distribution from the US to the foreign country.

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