Business Reel: Three Underrated Videos You Should Capitalize On

animated backgrounds

animated backgroundsIn the world of corporate marketing, content is king, but videos are his crown. Videos are a great way to connect with your customers, therefore, a great marketing tool. If you’re not making and sharing videos, you’re not marketing.

Business videos range from a simple six-second Vine videos, 2-minute product demos, to full five to 10-minute company videos complete with animated backgrounds, and everything in between. Not all videos are created equal, though. The short ad-like clips are the popular choice for many, but you could be missing out on some important branding features if you stick only to these types of video.

To help get your creative juices flowing, here are three types of oft-overlooked business videos that could seriously up the ante for your company.

Recruitment Videos

Any HR manager would jump for joy if their budget were big enough to include recruitment videos. No matter how you look for employees, you want the top talent to be working for you. The only way to do that is to have dedicated resources to attract the best candidates.

A great way to announce job openings is to create short recruiting videos for your featured jobs. During the editing, add animated backgrounds, and some photos and descriptions for a more engaging clip. Include the URL at the end of every posting and embed the video onto your on-site description so that interested applicants can easily see it.

Training Videos

A custom training video speaks volumes to your employees and applicants, as there’s always something good to be said about taking the time and effort to produce such clips. By using training videos in meetings, presentations, and other events, you are telling new recruits and tenured employees that you care about their work experience.

A great training video is very valuable because you can use it repeatedly. It will likely be watched more internally than any other company video, and it will help employees learn and perform crucial tasks better.

Staff Videos

A hybrid = recruitment video and review or testimonial can kill two birds with one stone—they show potential recruits how awesome your company culture is and what the people behind the brand are like.

Customers tend to rely on and work only with people they trust. A staff video can show them that your company and brand are handled by professionals who also have a fun and quirky side, making them feel better to be a part of it.

Company videos are always a great way to market a new product, but it can also be a big help in boosting your image. Make the most of these underrated business video types and build your brand the right way.

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