The Business of Building Websites: Elements that Spell Success

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website designBuilding a website for your business is a step in the right direction. Given the quick evolution and constant growth of today’s digital sphere, though, it’s no longer as simple as putting up a page and leaving it be. Your website needs just as much attention and care as the rest of your business. In fact, your website can have as much effect on your profit and reputation as other promotional schemes.

A reputable company can come off amateurish and ancient if the website doesn’t look updated and professional. The design for business websites may vary, but they all have common features.

Less is More

The simpler your layout, the more professional it will look. The point is to direct your customer towards your catalog or contact information. Too much flash can distract them from the goal—which is to give you their business. Be creative, just not at the expense of gaining sales.

A Responsive Layout

There’s no telling where your customers will view your website. They could be accessing from their laptops, tablets, or mobile phone. You need a layout that can adapt to different screen resolutions while being responsive to touch-screen technology.

Constant Reminders

It’s a common mistake to design websites for immediate buyers, when potential customers are a much bigger pool. By offering subscription and mailing list options, you give your company a chance to stay in the forefront of these potential buyers’ minds for when they need a particular product or service. Take time to create engaging and periodic newsletters to update clients with your company.

The Blog

Blogs are not optional, not even for business websites. Treat this as a ‘news’ section, updating readers of what is new with your company and industry. This is how you will establish personality and authority. Write often about your expertise and customers will see you’re the go-to guy in your industry.

Your business’ site doesn’t have to be expensive. Affordable web design sites offer layouts that feature all these key elements. The important part is to commit to building an online presence that can match your reputation in real life.

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