Back in the Workforce: Be Realistic

Workmates collaboratingRegardless of your reason for departing from the workforce for a while, know that once you are ready to work again, numerous job opportunities await you. Still, the search will be a challenge. What you find and the jobs you might encounter depends on your experience, talent and wit. Pursuing your passion and landing a full-time job after months (or years) of unemployment is never easy. Getting things done immediately is the dream, but it’s not always the reality.

When you return to the workforce, do not push yourself to the excessive limits and be stressed. Instead, it pays to be realistic. Instead of pushing yourself too much, set realistic expectations. Consider the following:

Be Open to Anything…For Now

All employers want someone who has impressive work experience and skills on their workforce. They also, however, have to implement risk-mitigation policies, especially when it comes to dealing with new hires and returnees. With this in mind, do not be surprised when they may offer you with a part-time position first or lower positions. It might be difficult, especially if you originally had a high paying job, but be open minded. You’ve been gone for a while; it makes sense to start from the bottom again.

Instead, look at it as an opportunity for a smoother transition back into employment. You will find reputable recruitment agencies in NZ that welcome returnees, such as yourself, that offer good-paying part-time jobs.

Contractual work gives you a refresher experience.

You should also consider re-joining the world of the employed by starting out as a contractual worker. This may not give you the long-term work stability that you seek, but it makes the process of securing such a job in the future easier since you will gain experience through it. Always keep in mind that the faster you gain experience and the more of it you have, the better your chances of landing a full-time is. Experience is always your friend.

And as a final reminder, prepare yourself to work like a full-time employee, even as a part-timer. This way, you can show off your true skills and expertise, giving your employer a reason to hire you for a long-term position.