Attractive Packaging Does More Than Keep Your Products Safe

pastel pink box

You’re at the mall doing a supermarket run. Then you come across a product from two different companies. One of them is wrapped in a colorful and durable wrapper that features excellent graphics. The other features low-grade wrapper with sloppy graphics with illegible information. Which of the two do you pick?

Well, that’s a no-brainer, even if the product with the great presentation is a few dollars more expensive. That is the power of proper packaging, notes one of the leaders in container and packaging supply in Salt Lake City. It gives a much-needed edge that grows your brand.

First impressions are telling

It’s hard to earn money, so customers are picky about where to spend it. In most cases, they’d want to put it where they’ll get the best value. Hence, they’re likely to pay more for a product they deem valuable and worthy. Poor packaging lowers your brand in the eyes of customers and makes them question the quality of your products.

If you can afford to be this sloppy in packaging your products, just how shoddy is your production process? As you can imagine, there’s no coming back from that line of question, especially when none of your people are available to offer an explanation.

Great packaging is a selling product

In addition to being eye-catching, your containers and products need to be durable. If possible, you should make them reusable. Over 70% of purchase decisions happen while a customer is in-store. Presenting your products in an attractive manner not only makes them stand out from a crowded shelf, but can sway a customer to try the product. Most people are open to trying a new product if it comes in an attractive package.

Other than keeping your products safe, great packing is an excellent differentiating factor on the market. It ensures that your products stand out and boost a prospect’s confidence in your brand.