The Art of Link Building: Maximising Your SEO Efforts

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Through links, search engines can analyse the popularity of a certain site or webpage. They can also evaluate metrics such as spam, trust and authority. Trusted websites tend to link to other reliable sites. For sites that have a lot of spam, however, they receive only a few links from reputable sources.

Before starting any link building effort, it’s important to understand how search engines use links in different ways. When measuring the value of a link and the profile of a site’s link, below are some notable factors to consider:

Marketing specialist using iPadGlobal Popularity

The more popular a site is, the more links from that website matter. To earn trust and authority with search engines like Google, you need trusted link partners. Many reliable SEO companies can help you on this.

Local Link Popularity

This refers to links from websites in a particular topical neighbourhood. Local link popularity suggests that links from sites or pages within a topic-specific community is more important than links from off-topic sites.

Anchor Text

Search engines use anchor text in ranking pages. It’s the clickable text in a hyperlink. If there are a number of links with the right keywords that point to your page, there’s a huge chance that your site will rank well. This is because of the targeted words or phrases in the anchor text.


The Internet contains a lot of spam. To eliminate this irrelevant content, search engines use systems to measure trust that are primarily based on the link graph. To experience a significant boost to the scoring metric, your site must earn links from high-trust domains such us government sites, universities and non-government organisations.

Social Sharing

People are naturally inclined to share something they find interesting. Take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Make sure all your text-based content has social media sharing links to encourage users to share your content on their accounts.

If Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important to your business, make sure that link popularity is at the top of your priorities. Search engines like links. Hire an SEO company to help you build a solid link building and management strategy that will surely benefit your business.

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