Apple as a Way of Life

Apple Products and their Brilliance

Though their features have not been advancing at a rate comparable to that of their competitors, Apple’s products sure have a massive following. For their loyal users, forgoing a touch screen display on their laptop is no big deal as long as they get that famous Apple logo to show off. From college students to executives, you have Apple users everywhere.

Owning these gadgets is expensive. Fortunately, you can tap into a niche of users who do not have the budget for brand-new devices but want the lifestyle.

Selling Pre-owned

The one undeniable thing about Apple products is their durability. Though they have not advanced to the level of being life-proof, they are not easy to break. A two-year-old PC will be more sluggish than a five-year-old MacBook, which means that your Apple store franchise can easily sell these pre-owned or refurbished gadgets for a reasonable price. It won’t be as expensive as a brand-new model, but with excellent service life, it’s still a good option for buyers.

Offering Repairs

Though they are durable, they still break on occasion. Also, replacement can rack up the costs if gadget users do not know where to turn. Given that AppleCare is an added expense, your niche can be those users who opted out of it but have a need for inexpensive repairs. Of course, you still need to prove the quality of your repairs to avoid complaints.

Mentioning Trade-ins

No functional Apple product is useless. Someone out there is looking for a particular model, even if it’s not the latest one. Take the case of the mid-2012 MacBook Pro for example. Because of its ports and features, it is still a preferred device among seasoned Apple users. While a casual user might choose the latest model, those who need a SuperDrive or an SD card slot will want that trade.

Apple devices can be expensive, but many people want them. Why shy away from Apple as a business opportunity when you’ve got a crowd of eager customers?