Alternative Workouts That Make Weight Loss More Fun

weight loss exercise

weight loss exerciseWeight loss is a process that requires a significant amount of work. It is oftentimes not fun. Whilst there is the understanding that you have to sweat it out if you want to shed off excess fat, the mere fact that workout routines can seem like a chore can make it easy to slip in and out of their commitment to weight loss.

All things considered, however, no one said weight loss can’t be fun at the same time. Below are great alternative workouts that really work and make weight loss more enjoyable at the same time:


If you are after fun, then this particular activity absolutely takes the cake. You get to defy the basic laws of gravity while giving yourself a great workout. Head on down to the nearest trampoline park and you can shed all that extra weight by jumping high up into the air and bouncing off the walls.

Martial Arts

What better way to trim your waistline than by training in the martial arts? You lose weight and gain awesome self-defence skills at the same time. Among the most popular forms these days include kickboxing and Krav Maga.


Anyone who has tried it, or at least seen a session, knows that Yoga makes you sweat quite profusely. You not only work off those unsightly fats; you gain better control of your body as well, turning you into a better, more rounded individual. In addition, it can help to curb symptoms of overeating.


Whilst having needles pricked into your skin is not necessarily a fun-filled activity, it is still a good way to lose weight because of its relaxing nature. By focusing on conditions related to excess weight, you can target hunger, metabolism, and digestion points through acupuncture.

Remember that there are many underlying factors – such as stress or hormonal imbalance – that come into play when you are trying to lose weight. With these fun workout alternatives, you can tone your body down and sculpt it to perfection without it feeling like work at all. Do yourself a favour and get in shape the fun yet very much effective way.

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is a Denver-based fitness instructor with a background in physical therapy. He is also a triathlete on the side and has joined local sporting events.

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