An Alternative Solution: What Makes Invisalign Different from Metal Braces

InvisalignImage Credit: Smikey Io via CC BY-SA 3.0

Do you hate your misaligned teeth and wish you could do something about it? Do you feel less confident when you face the mirror and insecure when talking to people? Why do you have to cover your mouth to hide crooked teeth? Show off that smile, laugh out loud and be confident to carry a conversation while wearing Invisalign!

Unlike braces that show off unsightly metals that make you look like there’s a barbed wire in your teeth, Invisalign is transparent, allowing you to show the best of your pearly white teeth.

There’s no more excuse to stop yourself from eating anything at the buffet table. That’s because unlike metal braces, Invisalign can be detached from your mouth like dentures, and they don’t use any rubber bands at all.


Image Credit: Smikey Io via CC BY-SA 3.0

The Perfect Solution

Invisalign works similarly like dentures and contact lenses. The dentist tailors the Invisalign to fit your teeth perfectly. When you wear them, they will instantly correct misaligned teeth. There’s no invasive surgery needed. As soon as your Invisalign is ready for pick up, your dentist will contact you and you can start wearing them immediately for faster results. As the misaligned teeth correct itself in due time, the dentist will adjust the Invisalign and tailor another one that fits your new teeth. Invisalign Manchester dentists recommend also works like contact lenses. They are transparent and can be detached from your teeth.

Improved Appearance

Invisalign, like metal braces, corrects misaligned teeth, but without the ugly appearance. Invisalign can be worn by children or adults, male or female. It’s never too late for anyone to wear Invisalign and improve not only your appearance, but more importantly, your self-confidence.

People with perfect smiles are social magnets. Do yourself a favor and invest in Invisalign. You’ll never be shy to show your smile ever again.

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