Advancing Your Marketing Efforts: Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

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reliable seo servicesNow that digital marketing is on the rise, integrating online and offline marketing is wiser than ever. The real world and cyberspace converge in the hands of your customers. If you want to build your brand, strengthen your offline advertising and search engine optimisation efforts, and create a message that spans the virtual and real worlds.

Integrating online and offline marketing strengthens brand experience. You’re there whenever your customers are looking for you. When customers search on the Internet for products you’re promoting through your TV advertisements, circulars, and radio commercials, they expect to find you. A study suggests that two-thirds of online queries are driven by offline marketing. Without a strong integration, you may not fulfil your customer’s needs. This can affect your brand negatively or worse, drive your customers to a competitor.

Here are some ways to fuse online and offline marketing:

One Voice, One Image

Make sure the logos, images, corporate colours, font sets, and key messages that you use offline match those you present online. Failure to do this may confuse customers and lessen the impact of your marketing campaign. The purpose of consistent branding is to make your business uniquely recognisable.

Feature Your Offline Products Online

Get help from search engine optimisation specialists in Brisbane and promote your offline products online. Feature your products on your website and social networking accounts so customers can find them easily. Make sure, though, that the products you promote on your print, TV, and radio ads match those that appear on your homepage, Facebook posts, and tweets to avoid confusing customers. Using paid search to promote your offline products on the web is another way to promote your products.

Focus on One Campaign

The best way to integrate two types of marketing is to think of them as one campaign. Your offline and online marketing efforts should merge into one unified strategy. Treating both as one lets you concentrate on your initial advertising ideas and develop a brand experience that transcends all channels, regardless of the media.

Integrating digital and offline marketing strategies provides the best of worlds. It lets you promote your products better and be there wherever and whenever your customers need you.


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