Achieve Effective Insurance Marketing in 3 Steps

Marketing concept

Once your brand’s gone digital, your insurance agency’s marketing strategies must consider some unique elements. Just go to and you’ll know getting the best in the business is crucial to your own. Establishing a good online presence is crucial to any business, and your efforts may be in vain if this is poorly planned and executed.

Here are some marketing ideas that can help get better results for your insurance company.

Keep your brand consistent on all channels

This means you’ll have to go through all your website pages, social media pages, online profiles, and business listing to see if there are any inconsistencies with your branding.

Do all these channels show the same brand slogan? Do they all use the same colors for your brand? Do they use the same brand voice or tone in their content? Being consistent will make your brand stand out from the rest.

Manage your data

This includes the marketing emails sent out, social media content published, website analytics for the past years or data reported. With today’s rapidly changing technology, it’s easy for things to get outdated or for one wrong metric to create inaccurate information.

Data accuracy greatly affects your digital marketing performance, so make sure you clean up your data on a regular basis.

Consider paid social media advertising

Organic marketing could be just as effective as paid advertising. This year, there are an estimated 1.96 billion social media users worldwide, and analysts expect this to rise to about 2.5 billion in 2018.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have proven to be effective in reaching your company’s target audience because that’s where they always are.

The backbone of sales is your marketing strategy. The ideas presented here will not only help you gather the data you’ll need for good marketing, but it will also help you grow your business through digital marketing.