A Special Kind of Spook: Charleston Scariest Places

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Are you looking for something different during your trip to Charleston? If you’ve crossed out a few places from your trips before, a haunted tour from Sandlapper Water Tours might be the unique experience you want.

This part of South Carolina has a long and storied past which includes pirate invasions, Civil War, and many others, making it a possible ground for lurking spirits. If haunted tours in Charleston, SC, pique your interest, here are some of the scariest places to include in your possible itinerary.

Poogan’s Porch

This spooky spot has plenty of stories about ghost sightings; these include the apparition of a 19th-century teacher named Zoe St. Amand. The latter’s sister died which led to her eventual mental and physical deterioration because of depression.

Around a century later, the teacher’s home located at Queen St. became a restaurant where a dog named Poogan became a regular fixture. A couple of years later the dog also died; since then, both visitors and staff began seeing the ghosts of both Zoe and Poogan.

The Alleys at Night

The alleys cutting through downtown at night create a scary atmosphere for those who wander the streets late. Your imagination can run wild at that late hour because of the dark past of the city where pirates and drunks walked about.

The Old Exchange

This destination will send shivers up and down your spine. It transforms from its friendly façade in the morning into a spooky place at night. The structure is centuries old (dating back to the 1770s to be precise) and has an interesting past.

What makes it scary is the dungeon deep within it; captive British revolutionary prisoners and pirates stayed in the cells.

Charleston is a noteworthy destination because of the many things you can do and experience. A haunted tour is just one of the reasons to visit this destination. The above mentioned spooky attractions are a unique experience to add to your itinerary potentially.