A Much-Needed Brake: 4 Ways to Know if Your Car’s Brakes are Working

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It’s understandable for first-time car owners to struggle with car ownership. However, it’s also important to make an effort in knowing how a car works. Complacency and incompetence could often lead to car accidents, as the driver thought they were doing things right or that they didn’t know what to do.

A good brake and car part repair company in Clearfield would know how each car part works and will tell drivers if anything is broken or not. In the case of brakes, here’s what a driver needs to check:


The brake, which is responsible for stopping the movement of the automobile, should be quick and responsive. It’s because a few seconds could spell the difference between getting safe or getting fatally hurt in an accident. Stepping on the pedals should feel as though they’re sinking. If they aren’t, it means there’s reduced responsiveness, which would require repairs.


There should be a proper balance in the car whenever the brakes make it stop. For instance, check if the car is pulling to one side while you’re braking. If this happens, the brake isn’t working properly.


Using the brakes shouldn’t result in any grinding or growling sound. If it does, it signifies a problem in the mechanisms of the brakes and the wheels. A repair team can check under the hood to see what’s causing the noise.


Lastly, another warning sign is a vibrating pedal. It could either mean a tire that has gone out of balance or an inside part of a brake that has been deformed. Mechanics could repair this easily, so bring your car to them as soon as possible.

Newbie and veteran drivers are expected to know how each part of a car works. This is because most accidents could be attributed to incompetence or complacency. Learning how the brakes, the steering wheel, or the lights work would make things easier and safer for drivers.