5 Things that Influence Your Mortgage Rates

home value

home valueA house is a purchase any person would want to make. It seems easy enough to buy one in theory – you talk to a real estate agent, sign the deal, and that’s it. Only you have to pay a large sum of money for a roof above your head. Given this, you would want to save the most money possible.

Most likely, your move would be to look for the lowest mortgage companies can offer. Sadly, you probably wouldn’t get the same amount as your friend did. What you pay every month depends on certain factors – specifically, these:

Credit Score

From the perspective of lenders, your credit score means how risky you are to lend money to. Naturally, you would want a high score to ensure that banks can trust you that you’d repay the amount you borrow soon enough. Now if your credit score is less than perfect, don’t worry. There are different ways for you to raise your credit score, and some of these steps are pretty simple.


Real estate has always been and will always be about the location. Mortgage rates are higher in areas that are deemed more desirable or investment-worthy for most people. It’s quite difficult to score a low mortgage rate for a property at an attractive location, so you would want to expand your horizons to keep your purchase, in a sense, budget-friendly.

Home Value

What’s the price of the home you’re purchasing? Basic economics tells you that the higher a property’s value, the higher its mortgage rate will be – that’s just natural. But, do note that mortgage rates fluctuate depending on external factors.

Loan Terms

How informed are you about your mortgage loan? The specifics – loan amount, payment terms, interest type, and other factors – have a say on how much you’d pay on a monthly basis. You have to research on these things if you want to bring down the figure.

Down Payment

A higher down payment merits a lower interest rate. Again, this illustrates the level of risk you place banks, so they’d be more willing to lend you money if you’re low-risk.

You have to understand the relationship of these five factors with each other to get the lowest mortgage rate. Be smart with your home purchase and do your homework before signing a deal to ensure you’re signing the best deal possible for your situation.

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