4 Dental Problems Common Among Young Children

Child having her dental appointmentYoung children can suffer from lack of proper oral care. This happens when parents neglect oral hygiene. Parents who do not pay enough attention to their children’s dental habits, such as brushing and flossing, eventually pay more for dental work.

Gentle Dentist notes that you can spare the children the agony and embarrassment, and save money on dental visits if you watch out for the following dental conditions:

Tooth Sensitivity

Pediatric dentists see plenty of children complaining about pain when consuming cold or hot foods and beverages. As their teeth’s enamel is still developing, it is not surprising that they have an adverse reaction to extreme temperatures. The problem worsens when a cavity or tooth decay is present.

Poor Alignment

Dentists can identify early on if there are orthodontic concerns, and give recommendations for intervention, based on the child’s age. Dental advice for orthodontic problems must be heeded promptly because the intervention or lack thereof can impact the child’s overall health.


It is not unusual to see young children with knocked out teeth or a chipped tooth here and there. Playful and adventurous tots may become injured in their daily activities. Young children engaged in contact sports are at risk for dental trauma. Most emergency pediatric dentistry consultations involve teeth knocked out of their sockets during child’s play. Fortunately, it is possible to replant a knocked out tooth.

Tooth Decay

Of the many dental illnesses of childhood, tooth decay is the number one on the list prepared by the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation. This problem may be prevalent, but it is preventable. With prompt and proper dental care, tooth decay may be resolved.

Children and their parents will have to deal with dental issues even in early life. Parents can prepare for the worst by knowing what to expect and how to prevent the problems from arising.