3 Wedding Photography Styles You Should Know

Wedding photos are the single, most accurate depiction of the memorable moments of your lovely day. You will forget the tiny details of the celebration years later, but images can take you back and let you remember not just what happened, but how happy you felt. This is the reason wedding photography should be at the top of your priorities when it comes to planning.

Aside from choosing an experienced photographer, you should know at least a bit on the photography styles they can offer. Here are some of them:


These are the traditional wedding photos wherein the bride, groom, and their families pose in front of the church, or when the guests at the roundtable smile at the camera.

As you would notice in such formal style of photography, your photographer will be directing poses and staging the scene and the positions of everybody. This is rarely used now compared to before, precisely because many modern couples think it’s too stiff and unnatural. There’s also merit in having such a style, as it gives the air of sophistication and solemnity of the event.


This is the opposite of the staged photo approach of a classic. As JayLynn Studios and other Salt Lake City photographers explain, this style features spontaneous images, from which a viewer can form a story of how the day unfolded.

For instance, there will be images of the quiet, heartfelt moment between a mother and daughter-bride before the ceremony starts or the reaction of the groom when the church doors open and he sees his bride. There’s little intervention from the photographer with this style, as they only capture moments as they happen. It’s the ideal style for couples who are camera-shy.

Fine Art

This is the most stylized photography approach. Photographers look for artistic angles, use dramatic lighting, and unique compositions to achieve an aesthetically dramatic photo. In post-production, they use different editing techniques and apply filters, masks, and textures. If you’re into stunning images, go for this style. Book an engagement photography session with your photographer, so you’ll be more familiar with this approach.

Your wedding photos are slices of moments that happened that day. Don’t settle for just “okay” photos. Work with your photographer closely on what you want to achieve.