3 Ways to Improve Your Office Reception Area

office interior design

Office décor and furniture are important, and it starts with your reception area. Remember that it’s what your clients and customers see initially as they visit your corporate space. You wouldn’t want to turn them off and give a bad impression, do you? Here are some ways on how to improve it:

1. Upgrade your reception area furniture.

The reception desk is often the first thing that clients and customers notice when they walk through your walks. Is it big enough? How many receptionists does it accommodate? Does the furniture design complement the overall décor of the office? If you have a frumpy old desk, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

2. Make use of digital technology.

What a time to be alive and do business, especially in the age of the Internet. There are many technological wonders you can add to your reception to make it better and bolder. Forget the old magazines and add a digital wall image or some tablets that your customers and clients can look into while waiting. Better yet, you can add some mobile charging stations to put some added value to waiting.

3. Keep your reception area clean.

It doesn’t matter how well-designed your reception area is if it’s too dirty and cluttered. Keep your reception area well lighted, comfortable (but not too stuffy), and sparkly clean. If you’re catering to young families with small children, choose furniture that’s easy to clean such as vinyl.

Your reception area speaks loudly about your business and how you operate. If you keep it dark, stuffy, and dirty, that’s what your clients and customers will think of it. Use these tips to make a good first impression.