3 Ways Dentists Can Improve Their Websites

Online marketing concept mapThese days, it is not enough that you have a website. You need to optimise your website so you can generate leads. If you have always wondered how SEO can help dentists, this guide will help you understand it works. What is important is that you look for SEO professionals who can deliver positive results.

Make it easy for people to find you

Add local directions and Google Maps to your contact page. These days, it is easy to embed just about anything on your website so take advantage of the opportunity. But if you’re not that tech-savvy, your provider of SEO for dentists can help you figure out how to add these free but powerful add-ons to your website.

Add videos to your website

Did you know that 75 million Americans watch online videos every day? You can likewise increase your website traffic by 55 percent when you embed videos on your website. In fact, when it comes to email marketing, you can boost your open rate success by 13 percent by simply adding the word “video” on the subject line. That is how powerful online videos are and why video is king of online media. You do not just need to create promotional videos; you can likewise add or create your own informative videos about dental procedures.

Improve or fix your website layout

A bad layout can break your website and even your reputation in many ways. Research has consistently shown how online users abandon web pages with bad layout, even if they offer great deals and discounts. If you do not want to give your readers the wrong impression and your competitors a laughing stint, do hire professional web designers to fix your website layout.

Note that even if you offer the best deals, if your website sucks, people will abandon it. Use these tips to improve your website and get the results you are looking for.