3 Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Girlfriend

purchasing wireless bluetooth speaker

purchasing wireless bluetooth speakerGeeks of the female variety not only take their keenness as extremely as the male, they can smell a junky product from miles away. If you think an average gadget with a coat of pink paint is going to please the nerdy woman in your life, think again.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to give the gift of tech, it’s okay for it to look stylish, as long as the substance matches the style. From shockproof Bluetooth wireless speakers to stylish game stands, here are some gift ideas for your charmingly nerdy girl this Valentine’s Day:

A New Point-and-Shoot Camera

It’s not only men who can appreciate a good gadget. Most women admit that they prefer the geeky items to flowers and chocolates. If you have a big budget, look for a camera that features Android 4.1, an HD LCD screen, and 4G for shooting, editing, watching and sharing videos and photos. This makes photography seamless and social.

A Stylish Game Stand

Play, organize, and store her video game system with a stylish game stand. Look for a piece that can hold lots of game consoles, controllers, video games cases, and other accessories. Make sure it’s made from durable heavy gauge steel wire and strong double wire construction. With a functional, stylish game stand, she’ll be the coolest girl at the gaming arena.

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

A go-anywhere Bluetooth wireless speakers is ideal for outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, and camping. Look for an item that has oversized, comfortable ear pads, solid bass, clean sound, and a price you can afford in just one paycheck. Your girlfriend can bring the speakers wherever she goes.

With the joy of having a steady girlfriend comes the responsibility of indulging her on Valentine’s Day. No matter what your geeky girl’s preferences or personality, one of these gifts is sure to delight her. Not only will you avoid disappointing her on February 14, you may just get a special gift in return.



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