3 Tips to Ace Your CompTIA Test

Certificate of completion

The non-profit trade association, Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is responsible for providing certification to qualified individuals who wish to partake in the ever-growing information technology industry.

These certifications are granted via knowledge and performance-based exams such as the A+ test for computer technicians and the Network+ test for experts in both wired and wireless networks.

If you are considering taking one of these exams soon, here are three tips to get you prepared.

1. Review well

You can review on your own by reading helpful resources such as the A+ Certification for Dummies and the CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-one Guide, to name a few.
Still, the best step on your part is to enroll to a review class that will adequately prepare you for these exams via A+ and Network+ practice tests.

2. Rest the night before your exam

The importance of a good night’s sleep can never be understated — even more so if you have an important exam the following day. To ensure that you won’t be tossing and turning in bed on the night before your exam, try cultivating a good sleeping habit days or weeks before the date of your test.

3. Eat breakfast on the big day

Eating well before taking a test is nothing less than a smart recommendation. Better yet, eat brain foods, such as nuts, apples, yogurt, blueberries, salmon, broccoli, eggs and dark chocolate.
Passing tests administered by the CompTIA will not only boost your confidence as an IT expert. It will also boost your business. After all, it gives your name and business a sense of legitimacy. With this said, you must consider investing in your CompTIA test preparations by way of enrolling in review classes.