3 Places to See When Visiting Illinois in Winter

winter skatingSummer isn’t the only time to take trips and go on adventures with the family. The winter holidays are also a good time to explore places you’ve never been to before or explore mountain and ice activities. Illinois is an ideal place to see during the winter months because of many ski resorts and mountain getaways such as Chestnut Mountain Resort near Galena.

Apart from being family-friendly, these resorts are the perfect spot for exploring various spots in the greater tristate area. Besides skiing and trekking in the snow, here are a couple of other activities you can enjoy when visiting Illinois during the winter:

Go ice skating at the Millennium Park.

Millennium Park is located on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and is home to a massive ice rink. It is 200 feet long and 80 feet wide and is one of the most popular winter spots among tourists. Situated near restaurants and coffee shops, both local and foreign tourists come here to see hundreds of people skating or join in on the frenzy.

The rink is free to use and is usually open from November until mid-March. It will be fun to take children here or to skate at night with your significant other.

Watch the snow sculpting competition.

Snow sculpting is considered serious business in Illinois. More than 40,000 people see the annual snow sculpting competition in Rockford. There are various categories as well as High School and State divisions. Some ice sculptures take hours to build, and the finished products are truly works of art to marvel at.

See the lights at Lincoln Park Zoo.

If you’re already tired from hiking and skiing, you can head out to Lincoln Park Zoo and see the lights show. Located on North Park Street near Chicago, this is a popular spot for families. Entrance to the Park is free.

The light show is set up every year in cooperation with the local energy company. Lively music, and of course, animals accompany the light show.

The cold weather and snow shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the holidays with your family and friends. There are various winter activities which you can try out and enjoy within Illinois. It will be a fun and memorable experience for everyone!