3 Key Traits of a Good Events Manager

Events manager

The success of your event depends on the flexibility, skills, and cool-headedness of your events team. While there are many events companies in Singapore, you need to do your homework when it comes to hiring an events partner.

Here are some key traits to look for when interviewing potential events managers. Keep these traits in mind if you’re looking for a reliable events management team in Singapore for your next event.

Ability to prepare and execute plans for contingencies.

Of course, everyone is aiming for a smooth-sailing event, but that’s not always the case. Even if you have prepared everything to ensure that your event goes on without a glitch, there are hundreds of things that could go wrong when you least expect them.

A good events planner or manager always plan for the worst thing that could happen in your event. The important thing to note is that your events planner should not only plan for it but actually prepare for the worst as if it’s going to happen. This doesn’t mean that she’s expecting the worst. Business continuity is also vital even in events.

Ability to stay cool even while under fire.

Grace under pressure is a learned trait, but not everyone can learn this skill. Every events manager needs to have this skill, otherwise, don’t even bother entertaining a potential candidate.

Events managers need to be calm and composed as he or she is the middle man between clients, suppliers, event attendees, stakeholders, venue personnel, and the entire staff. If they cannot keep her cool when things go wrong, then that person is in the wrong industry.

Ability to communicate well — both written and oral.

Sometimes, the image in the clients’ minds is not the same as everyone else. As an events manager, you need to have good communication skills — both written and oral — so you can interpret what’s between the lines.

Consistent and clear communication is important in all stages of events management, but more so in the planning stage. A well-planned and well-executed event is highly dependent on how well the teams communicate.

Different clients prefer different types of events managers. Some prefer a quiet doer while some prefer a go-getter. Regardless of personality, these are the key abilities that a good events manager need so he or she can handle your events well.