3 Jobs That are Fun and Rewarding

Why work in an office when you can have an amazing career that involves interacting with different people every day? Why settle for suits when you can wear anything you want and show your own personality? Can you do all of these while earning a good amount?

Yes, you can. Here’s a list of the top professions or careers that pay well and are actually fun:

Hair Dressing

If there’s one thing millennials love, it’s self-expression. Changing hairstyles is a popular way to do this, so you will not run out of interesting clients to work with. Collectiv Academy agrees that studying at a Salt Lake City beauty school pays well once you start practicing your skills. You may be straightening someone’s hair today and coloring another person’s hair tomorrow.

While doing that, you also get to experiment with your own style. How else can you advertise your skills if not by dressing your own hair, right?


Working with different types of models on various campaigns can give you a chance to hone your skills while earning money. The best part is your job gives you a solid portfolio and a huge number of Instagram followers. As you post more of your past work, you invite more opportunities to close even more project deals. Agencies out there are always looking for new photographers to work with, and if they see your work, they will be willing to contact you.

Celebrity Styling

If you want to work with high-profile clients and celebrities, styling could be the job for you. Not only will you be on trend as part of the job, you will also get to interact with some of the best stars of today.

Even if you don’t work with celebrities, the job is still fun because you literally have to stay updated on the latest in the industry to come up with great style ideas. It’s almost like you’re not working at all.

Your job doesn’t have to be a monotonous routine. If you want something enjoyable, start honing your skills now and enjoy the benefits in the future.