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Doing Business in the US: Reasons for Foreign Investment

Published on July 28th, 2014 | by Alesha Turman

Many foreign investors consider the United States an ideal investment country. It is one of the largest economies in the world and is home to the biggest companies.

According to experts, the country’s economic recovery is stable and projections show it will remain that way. Since the financial crisis, the US economy has shown one of the strongest recoveries among other major economies.

Here are some of the reasons foreign investors and international companies invest in the United States:

Government Incentives

Wall St., New YorkForeign executives consider the US government’s regulations and policies positive. Some states and cities across America implement tax breaks and investment incentives to attract global manufacturing. The country is also very strong when it concerns intellectual property rights protection. This makes any of the fifty states an interesting choice for those who want to invest in research and development.

Treaties and Access to Markets

The country shares and enforces treaties with many different countries, allowing investors to work within its borders. This helps foreign investors maintain residency while pursuing all the different opportunities available to them. Acquiring an E-2 treaty investor visa allows investors to access to new markets.

Advanced Technology

The country’s access to advanced technology creates a good investment foundation. The country is known for its innovation in information and technology infrastructure, which is not readily available in other countries. The easy access to new technologies and the presence of a diversified labor pool make the United States a favorable investment environment for foreigners.

As the economy of the country continues to improve, the cost of doing business may increase. Putting up a business now may require a higher level of investment to compete with domestic established businesses. When deciding to launch in the United States, it is best to consider the choices of entity, leveraging, and classifications of distribution from the US to the foreign country.

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field trip

Out of the Classroom and Into the World: 3 Reasons You Need to Save Field Trips

Published on July 24th, 2014 | by Edward Toombs

field tripStudents in many parts of the world are less likely to take part in learning outside the traditional classroom setting. According to a research from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), about 13% of schools in Britain fail to take children out for a school field trip on a regular basis.

Avoid from becoming one of those teachers that do not realise the long-term value of field trips. Here are some reasons it should remain in your plans for the next school year:

Expands Learning

When you plan a field trip on your own or with companies like Adaptable Travel, you are able to expand the scope of learning beyond daily routines. Students tend to learn more about a particular subject, and retain the learning through this kind of teaching method.

It may mean escaping the classroom for a day or two, but this does not necessarily mean that learning will stop. Students can learn with actual experiences, and interact with you in a less formal environment. Depending on the location, students can observe animals, plants, and artefacts firsthand.

Strengthens Bonds

A field trip gives students an opportunity to connect and interact with other pupils on a more personal level. Most of the time you have to put them in groups and give them the opportunity to spend time talking about common interests. This will help develop team spirit for the rest of the school year.

Educators carry a big responsibility during a school trip, but it can be a fulfilling experience. It will help strengthen your bond with students as well; it gives you the chance get to know them personally. Your students will see you as more than a teacher, but a friend as well.

Promotes Civic Engagement

Field trips help promote the value of lifelong civic engagement with whatever sector or industry students become involved with later on in life. The trip can provide children the opportunity to learn more about different ideas, opportunities, and professions, stirring the desire of a child to pursue dreams and try new things.

Planning a field trip may be difficult, but remember that it will be the biggest adventure the kids will experience with you during the whole school year.

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hand washing

On the Defense: The Fight against Germs

Published on July 22nd, 2014 | by Lillian Johnson

hand washingGerms are everywhere—sometimes this fact tends to make people less proactive about protecting themselves from them. Of course, a closer look at these germs will reveal that they are carriers of even the deadliest diseases. Fortunately, protection doesn’t require too much effort on your part.

Your strong immune system does most of the work when it comes to keeping you safe from germ-caused illnesses, but it still needs help. Here are some everyday tips to protect you from germs:

Stock Up on Cleaning Products

Put disinfectant wipes on every desktop and store some in cabinets, especially if you are a medical or dental practitioner. If you really want to stay germ-free, you could even place some on top of every shelf or end table. Easy access to disinfectants helps build the habit of keeping surfaces clean.

Wash Your Hands

It’s so simple yet so important. Just by washing your hands, you’re getting rid of harmful and deadly bacteria that may penetrate your skin. You don’t have to spend a fortune on antibacterial soaps, either. Just plain soap and water will do wonders.

Avoid Sharing Toiletries

This includes sharing with your family members. Don’t just limit personal items to toothbrushes, towels, and loofas; extend them to cosmetics and jewelry as well. Even outer wear and apparel shouldn’t be shared. The more a personal item comes into contact with bare skin, the more germs it accumulates.

Invest in Auto Bathrooms

Faucets and flushers with automatic sensors may be costlier but they do a lot in limiting the spread of germs. You no longer have to touch flush handles, shower knobs, or faucets and risk exposure to the previous user’s germs. The initial cost may be high but they pay for themselves in hygienic benefits.

Most germs may not be deadly but they are harmful. Build your line of defense against these germs and avoid the discomfort and expense of nursing illnesses. This is especially important when you have very young children in the house.

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3 Secrets to Keep Your Garden Insect-Free

Published on July 12th, 2014 | by Lillian Johnson

gardenMany homeowners find joy in having a plot full of healthy flowers and vegetables. The problem is, garden pests regard vegetable beds as a salad bar. Chewing insects attack grass blades and burrowing critters can munch through grass roots, which cause green tops to die. Fortunately, it’s easy to spot dying plants. It can be challenging, though, to determine what is causing the problem and how to treat it.

Sometimes, the smallest pests can inflict the most damage in your garden. But instead of looking to pesticides for help, you can still have a beautiful garden just by following these simple tips:

Control weeds regularly

Keep weeds under control, as they create a safe haven for pests. They also compete with your plants for valuable resources such as light, water, and nutrients. Be sure to pull weeds and their roots completely.

Have a prevention plan

It’s easier to prevent pests than to get rid of them. Pests are a year-round problem, which is why experts on pest control Kansas City gardeners consult recommend having a full inspection of your garden regularly. The best way to keep insects at bay is to grow healthy, disease-free plants that can withstand attacks more readily.

Fight pests with beneficial insects

Whenever possible, use beneficial insects. A great way to keep pests away is to attract their natural predators to your garden. For instance, aphids are the prey of wasps, while slugs fear lizards and toads. Other beneficial garden bugs include ladybugs and lacewings, which you can buy from large horticultural supply companies. Be sure to research for ways to attract the types of critters that can wipe out your pest problem for you.

Gardening is such a delight. That beauty, however, comes with a few ugly side effects: pests. Do what it takes to avoid invaders if you’re planning to grow the freshest vegetables in your backyard.

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Edward Snowden Files Asylum Extension In Russia, Lawyer Confirms

Published on July 11th, 2014 | by Wileene Grace Olimpo

Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency whistleblower who fled to Russia last year, has requested to extend his temporary asylum, his lawyer said in a statement.


Photo Credis: TheWikiLeaksChannel | Wikimedia

Formal request

The lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, said that Snowden asked the Moscow branch of the Federal Migration Service to permit him to remain in Russia after his initial one-year asylum expires.

Kucherena did not reveal how long Snowden wants to extend his stay, saying the government would determine that.

“We won’t say yet in what status we would like to receive the extension because that decision is up to the Federal [Migration] Service,” he said.

Sharing secrets

Last year, Russia granted Snowden asylum where he was busy working for a website and opening up about the US government’s spying programs and processes that he shared to the public.

Snowden’s revelations in 2013 continue to make headlines, making him an icon among those who praised him for exposing the secrets.

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Quit smoking

Take in Charge: Managing Your Asthma

Published on July 8th, 2014 | by Joseph Francis

While asthma is incurable, good management of the disease may help you lead a normal life. Apart from taking your medication, lifestyle changes and self-help measures are also important to lower your risk of having an asthma attack.

Avoiding Triggers

If you know what triggers your asthma, avoid them as often as possible. Common irritants may include fur, pollen, perfume and emotions. Allergy testing is also helpful to identify your triggers. If you’ve discovered a new trigger for your condition, consult your doctor to know the ways to avoid them.

Exercises Helps

Physical activities can trigger asthma, but this should never happen if you receive proper treatment. According to groups focusing on allergy and asthma, exercises such as swimming and cycling are appropriate for people with asthma. If physical exercises seem to interfere with your condition, consult your doctor for other preventative treatments.

Quit smokingQuit Smoking

Smoke is a strong irritant that can trigger asthma attacks. If you still smoke, you increase your chances of developing bronchitis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Talk to your doctor to help you stop with smoking. Second hand smoking is also bad for you; it is always best to stay in a smoke-free environment.

Know More about Your Condition

To manage your asthma, try to gather as many details about your condition as possible. Ask your doctor to create a personal action plan or asthma management plan to avert any crisis when your asthma attacks. An action plan is usually a written worksheet that indicates the steps to prevent your condition from getting worse.

Understanding Medications

It is important to remember that asthma medicine cannot cure asthma, but only improve your symptom. This is why it is best to take your medication as instructed by your doctor. Take it at the right time with the right technique. You can make a medicine schedule or use a pillbox with sections for your daily intake.

By understanding what it means to have asthma, you can find ways to manage it. Use these tips to keep your asthma under control; visit your healthcare provider as well for regular check-ups and treatment modifications.

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The Right To Be Forgotten: Google Criticized For Removing BBC Story From Search

Published on July 7th, 2014 | by Wileene Grace Olimpo

google-searchengineA European Commission spokesperson has expressed concern after it emerged that an article by Robert Peston was removed from Google’s search results, saying the company’s decision was “not a good judgment.”

Public interest

Google responded to the EU ruling on the “right to be forgotten” by removing articles from its European search rankings.

In a blog post, Peston said the search company had removed his article from the public record, but acknowledged that he received a “notice of removal.” sifting

The BBC understands that Google is examining more than 250,000 “irrelevant, outdated, or no longer relevant” web links people wanted to be removed.

Removal requests

“Google clearly has a strong interest in making sure that they’re able to work with whatever the legal requirements are, so they position themselves in a particular way over that,” Ryan Heath, spokesman for the European Commission’s vice president, said in a statement. “It doesn’t come cheap to deal with all of these requests, so they need to find some way to come up with dealing with them.”

Even if the information had been published legally, Google responded to EU ruling by introducing an online form giving visitors to its European sites a formal route to make removal requests.

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interior painters

How to Breathe New Life into Your Living Room

Published on July 4th, 2014 | by Lillian Johnson

interior paintersThe living room is the heart of many Australian homes, where the family relaxes and guests are entertained. It serves as the foundation of your interior, and creating the right atmosphere for such an important room isn’t easy. When well designed, it is an area that pleases the eye and encourages conversation, while still allowing the weary to rest after a long day.

When redesigning your living room, it is helpful to look up existing designs for inspiration. These five tips will also help you create a design that is beautiful, warm, and inviting.

1. Start with a blank slate – You should first clear out all furniture, or at least as much as you can. This gives you a better idea of the room’s shape and form, and lets you come up with a design without being influenced or distracted by the present arrangement.

2. Paint the walls – One of the most effective yet least expensive ways to completely change the way your living room looks is to have the walls painted a new colour that matches the atmosphere you want to create. Interior painters in Perth often suggest that you tailor the wall colour to how large your living room is, what furniture is present, and the amount of both artificial and natural lighting.

3.Use a circular design – To promote conversation and develop a warm, welcoming atmosphere, you should arrange the seats in a circular fashion, though this could be hard in an odd-shaped room. A common mistake is letting the back of the seats touch the walls; this creates an uninviting and distant look. Pull furniture away from the walls and bring them closer to create a more intimate setting.

4. Have a focal point – A centrepiece for your living room can be anything that attracts the eye that guests will appreciate, such as a fireplace or a television. Other ideas include a wall mounted personal collection, a favourite painting or sculpture, and large windows. Mirrors can also work, but keep in mind what they will reflect and use that to your advantage.

5. Employ tasteful minimalism – A good living room is practical and convenient, yet stylish. Select a few large pieces of furniture as a base, and complement those with smaller items. Avoid blocking passageways or adding too much, as this will create a messy, cluttered look. Bookshelves are an effective yet non-obstructive way to add warmth and character to a room, aside from their obvious use as entertainment for guests and family members.

Good planning will help you create a living room setup that you’ll be glad to come home to every day, and excited to show off to guests.

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offshore companies

Grow and Expand: Expansion Opportunities for Businesses

Published on July 2nd, 2014 | by Lillian Johnson

offshore companiesWhen your business is ready to take on new challenges and grab bigger opportunities, it may be the right time to expand your business. The best expansion method will depend on the type of your business, your resources, and the amount of time and effort you’re willing to invest. Explore new ideas and business growth techniques appropriate for your existing market conditions.

Location Expansion

If your company has always been at a single location, you could set up a new office to expand your market reach. You could do this by opening a business in a new city, region, or another county. You can also grow your business through an offshore investment. Look for a list of offshore companies or contact company formation service providers to learn more about offshore investments.

Form an Alliance

One excellent way to expand your business quickly is to align your company with a similar type of business. Strategic alliance can be an informal relationship based on a simple contract or a joint venture agreement. This a great way to reap the benefits of team effort and lower the risks involved while maximizing your profits and leverage.

Diversify Your Business

There are many ways to diversify your product and service that can increase your profit margins and sales. You can do this by offering complementary product and services or importing and exporting your products. This expansion strategy allows you to have different streams of income, which can also create revenues.

Enter Other Markets

Even though your existing marketing is delivering reasonable profit, you should also target other markets. Look outside the box and take your products and services to the market that needs it. When targeting a new market, however, make sure it doesn’t require a 10 percent change in your current business model.

Weigh the pros and cons of expansion methods to know which one is appropriate for your business. Identify possible ways to expand and research extensively to know more about expansion opportunities.

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Economic Reforms: Japan Proposes Corporate Tax Cuts To Spur Growth

Published on June 26th, 2014 | by Wileene Grace Olimpo

Japan is planning to cut the country’s sky-high corporate tax rates in an attempt to pull the economy out of sluggish growth and deflation.


Image by Chatham House | Wikipedia

Economic measures

The country would reduce its corporate tax below 30% from the current rate of about 36% for large companies, which is one of the highest among industrialized nations.

The move comes after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe commences his “third arrow” of reforms.

Abe plans to revive Japan’s economy, which is a pledge made when he took office in 2012.

Growth strategy

The prime minister’s strategy, dubbed Abenomics, involves three arrows of economic reforms.

The first two arrows were implemented in 2013, which focused on easing fiscal and monetary policies.

Analysts, however, warned that economic measures would take years before the country benefitted from the expected changes.

“Various legislation must be enacted and it will take time for companies to begin to act. Therefore, it will be 10 to 20 years before the potential growth rate rises,” said Kenji Yumoto, vice chairman of the Japan Research Institute.

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