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Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

Published on October 14th, 2014 | by Lillian Johnson

engagement ringSo you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level. Are you planning to take your special someone to a romantic dinner? Then order a bottle of wine, wait for the right timing, get down on your knees, offer that precious engagement ring, and pop the “big question”.

Well, everyone knows it’s not that simple to make wedding proposals—making early reservations at the restaurant, saving the right spot, fixing your schedule, and the most challenging part, the search for the perfect ring. Do rings have to be gold, silver, or platinum? Do you go for matching rings?

To help you out, here are some tips you could use when looking for engagement rings:

Gold, silver, or platinum

The most popular choice today is gold and platinum. Silver is the most affordable, but not as durable in keeping its shine and “lustre” over time. If you think your partner will wear it every day, for the rest of her life, then you need to consider something durable and long lasting. Always consult the jewellers Melbourne residents trust for more ideas.

The right finger-size

This could be the toughest challenge, especially if you want to surprise your partner. Of course, you need to get an accurate measurement. Going to a jewellery store with your partner is not a good idea. Perhaps, the best solution for this is to ask her family and friends for some assistance. You need their blessing anyway, so that might work. Just make sure to be discreet about it; blowing your big surprise is the last thing you want to happen.

The bottom line

Keep in mind that wearing a ring is a symbol of a strong bond and love between two people. It’s not really about bragging your relationship status to the whole world. It’s not a competition on who gets the bigger diamond. What really matters is it came from the heart, so to speak.

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water dispenser

Office Water Cooler and Dispenser 101: For Better and Healthier Work Environment

Published on October 7th, 2014 | by Lillian Johnson

The office environment is can be a factor in the productivity and efficiency of your staff. Providing some of their basic needs like clean drinking water only show that you care for them. This can make things more convenient for everyone and ensure their health and safety.
The demand for office water coolers in Sydney remains high, which is why working with a trustworthy supplier is key.

water dispenserCoolers or Dispensers?

A cooler may still be considered as part of dispensers. The difference lies in its features. There are two types of water dispensers: electric water dispenser and non-electric water dispenser. Take note, however, that electric water dispensers can either cool or heat water.

These can accommodate standard water bottles (2, 4 or 5-gallon, and may be filled with potable spring, distilled or treated water, or you can fill yourself with clean drinking water.

Countertop or Freestanding?

Freestanding units are said to be a bit pricier than countertop variants. Before you decide on a particular model to buy, consider where need to place them. Keep in mind that you need to ensure that there is a solid platform. Countertop units call for an elevated counter or table. It should not be too high for dispensing or changing large water bottles.

As much as possible, do not place it on a rug, even if you think there would be occasional spill. Countertop dispensers have smaller compressors as well, which means that the water may not be as cold as the freestanding unit.

Take note that there is no standard and the water temperature depends on the quality of the unit you buy. Some dispenser models may take a bit of time when heating or cooling the water. Look for adependable brand to ensure the performance and safety of your water dispenser. Proper maintenance is important to keep your unit in good working condition.

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green ecology

Green Living: Surrounding Your Home with Eco-Friendly Decors and Products

Published on October 7th, 2014 | by Joseph Francis

green ecologyA United Nations report states that climate change is “not a far-off problem”. Climate change is “happening now and is having very real consequences on people’s lives. Climate change is disrupting national economies, costing us dearly today and even more tomorrow.”

The organisation, however, explains that there is also an increasing recognition of “affordable, scalable solutions” that can lead different countries to “cleaner and more resilient economies”. To contribute to the world’s goal of mitigating the effects, you can start by practicing a green lifestyle.

1. Select green homes developments.

Choose among the developments that incorporate greeneries, such as the Vida project of Pointcorp. It has an “architecturally designed 43m green spine with a canopy that mimics a butterfly flying through trees”. You can also use solar panels to power your air conditioners, lighting and other appliance to help reduce the impacts to the environment. This can lessen your dependence on the power grid and lower your home’s energy costs.

2. Go with eco-friendly furniture.

Getting comfortable with green living means bringing it into your home. Invest in eco-friendly pieces of furniture made from natural materials. This can assist in eliminating exposure to chemicals, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). You can also avoid buying new sets that may come with a distinct scent from chemical coatings, varnishing and upholstery, which pollute your indoor air.

3. Incorporate plants in your corners.

Several studies reveal that common houseplants improve your indoor air quality, fighting pollution. Plants, such as Aloe Vera, Gerber Daisy and Golden Pothos, absorb the carbon dioxide and release fresh air to displace the contaminants in the air. Stay away from artificial cleaners like air sprays that may contain Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs—which cause the thinning of the ozone layer. Place houseplants instead to naturally clean your indoor air and help in fighting climate change.

By considering these simple ideas, you can reduce gas emissions in energy generation and industrial processes. Contribute in strengthening the world’s biggest fight. Allow your little efforts create a big difference in the battlefield against climate change.

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Health Management

no image

Why Blocking the Brain is a Good Thing

Published on October 3rd, 2014 | by John Robinson

People grow old not because they were able to make it to another birthday, but because of all the stress, they accumulate during the last twelve months. Stress is an illness that almost never leaves the body once it gets in. It tightens the muscles, lowers a person’s drive and esteem, and makes everything just a little bit harder to do.

botoxThere are many ways people can do to relieve stress, but they can only find time to do it occasionally. This creates a lopsided balance where stress builds at a rapid pace, and people are playing catch up to get rid of as much of it as they can whenever they get the chance.


One of the most effective ways to relieve the effects of stress is by relaxing muscles that have grown stiff by hours of anxiety. This is one of the reasons Botox treatments are popular in Los Angeles; the formula doesn’t just smoothen age lines, it relaxes muscles making the patient feel more at ease.

People shouldn’t look at the effects of muscle relaxants and think they’re some drug; these treatments are so serious they used to be deadly. Muscle relaxants are actually neuromuscular blockers that interfere with the brain’s signals to specific muscle groups. Many things can go wrong when something blocks the connection to the brain.

Brain Dead

Unfortunately, this is necessary in cutting stress off from the body. For all its physical effects, stress is purely psychological, and any treatment against it will involve the brain in one way or another.

The logic behind muscle relaxants is that the mind in stress subconsciously tenses up muscles, and the only way to relax them is to cut them off from the beleaguered brain’s influence. Once the muscles go back to their natural mellow state, the grey matter will follow suit eventually.

This means that Botox and other muscle relaxant treatments should only be done by licensed professionals, and not some person you met recently.

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Business Online


Good Attitude Begets Good Work: 3 Qualities that Impress Employers

Published on October 3rd, 2014 | by Alesha Turman

employeeYour résumé is ready and all the documents for your hiring are in order. Now, all you need is to impress your potential employer and show the management that you’re suited for the available position.

While some people can be easily fazed by words, most companies uphold great values and have high expectations of new hires. As discussed by experts at CPE Group, companies go out of their way to find the best employees for their business.

Here are some of the qualities that you might want to retain to impress potential employers:


A good manager can gauge your confidence the moment you step inside the room – from the way you sit to the way you shake hands. If you’re anything but confident during a job interview, you’ll have problems answering the questions and presenting your best side.

To avoid the embarrassment and the anxiety of making the wrong impression, do your research about the company, the nature of the business, and the position. Have a good grasp of how they run things, and confidence will come to you naturally.

Great Interpersonal Skills

Employers hire people who can keep up with the pace of their business, cooperate with others, and build a positive work environment. Most managers even commend employees who can put their own conflicts behind them and get the job done as efficiently as possible. Great interpersonal skills show how well you can get along with other people, whether in grace or in duress. If you’re not accustomed to working with others, you might want to re-evaluate your career options.


Companies are not only looking for people who can work for them. Rather, they are looking for those who can progress with them. Most employers are very particular when it comes to initiative—they want employees who have great leadership potential and a strong sense of responsibility. During the interview, tell your potential employer about the time when you proposed a new project or improved how things run in the workplace. Showing initiative can serve as a good credit when they hire you for the job.

Matching your skills and experience to the position offered is only half the battle; it’s also about presenting the proper attitude and character for a good work environment.

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IT Reviews

cloud computing

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining: How Cloud Computing Helps Small Businesses Grow

Published on October 3rd, 2014 | by Milena Delucci

cloud computingDo you constantly think about that one thing that can make a difference to your business?

Today, no technology discussion would be complete without talking about the rise of cloud computing systems. They play an important role in expanding a business and helping it gain a competitive edge. No one can avoid the buzz around cloud computing. Everyone is talking about it.

Many entrepreneurs make business management more difficult than it is. As you look to maximise your return on investment, you should know the changes you need to make. To migrate to the cloud, understand how your business can benefit from using it.

It Reduces Security Risk

Security is a major concern for everyone. If you and your workers use cloud computing, desktop computers are merely a device to finish tasks and contact clients. The important data of your company are secure in one central location. Cloud computing systems require your username and password, which means hackers cannot access your files. It is comforting knowing your business strategies, bank accounts, and other company secrets are safe and protected.

It Improves Efficiency

Many businesses like yours are migrating to the cloud to manage business growth and improve productivity. If you use cloud computing, you will no longer worry about employee collaboration, software updates, and even storage space issues. Saving and accessing are now easier, as cloud services allow your team to work from the same document. If you find it difficult to use, you can always get some help. ICT companies are responsible for speeding up your processes, managing your servers, and transforming how your business functions.

It Saves You Time and Money

How do you spend your IT budget? As a small business owner, you are probably wondering if there is something that can help you save time and reduce expenses. Cloud-based services can help you with software licensing, upgrade expenses, and server maintenance. Instead of buying a hardware that often goes unused, spend your money on software that lets you stretch your company budget.

From improving IT security to reducing costs, cloud computing will provide your business an opportunity to grow and expand.

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It’s not about the Age: Protection against Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Published on October 2nd, 2014 | by Lillian Johnson

employeesThe great recession in the U.S. left many businesses suffering from the declining market. While the situation was hard for anyone looking for a stable job, the collapse of the economy was particularly difficult for older employees. Those who were beyond the age of 40 became the target of layoffs to ease company operations. Even worse, older employees had a difficult time finding new jobs, as businesses prefer hiring younger candidates whom they can pay lower wages.

Age discrimination is real, and it happens a lot without the knowledge of employees. As The Ticktin Law Group discussed in their blog, employees can file a lawsuit against a company that violated the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA).

The ADEA covers companies with at least 20 employees in their roster. This protects personnel and job applicants who are 40 or older from unfair treatment at the workplace. Here are additional facts about how the ADEA works:

Protection in Every Phase of Employment

The ADEA serves as a protection against stereotyping in every phase of the employment. This includes initial job interviews, hiring process, company advertisements, promotions, trainings, evaluations, and termination. Employers are not allowed to sort their staff according to age, or mention age in any recruiting materials.

Opportunities to Participate in Benefit Plans

When it comes to employer benefit plans, the ADEA can provide older staff members with equal opportunity to apply for a program. Companies cannot reduce benefits based on age, unless the cost of providing the program increases with age.

Freedom to Apply for Apprenticeship Programs

Age shouldn’t be a barrier for learning new skills and contributing to company operations. In light of this, the ADEA prohibits age limitations in apprenticeships or training programs. The limitation may only be valid if it follows the ADEA’s clauses or if the EEOC allows specific exceptions for older employees.

Age is but a number; it shouldn’t be the basis for how things run in the company. If anything, the young and old generations should learn how to work together to make a better business.

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Advertising and Finance


Brand New You: A Startup’s Guide to Strengthening Online Presence

Published on September 30th, 2014 | by Rick Livingston

A solid online presence is key to growing your business. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, help business owners make real connections with customers and succeed online.

googleIt’s common for many people today to use the Internet to determine your reputation. But, building your online identity is never an easy task. Read on to know the key strategies that will help you find an edge in a crowded industry.

Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd

To determine your strengths, sometimes, you have to study your competitor’s website, target market and marketing strategies. From there, you can develop a consistent image that truly reflects what you do. If you have a unique presence, your prospects will grow to like, know and, eventually, trust you. It’s important to focus on promoting your business through creative ways.

Optimise Your Website

After you’ve created a website, you need to maintain it, so you can drive more traffic and boost your visibility online. That means you should have an attention-worthy site and content. If you think your website is outdated, look for reliable graphic designers that can help you improve visitor satisfaction and increase conversions. People are more likely to like your brand when you provide a rewarding experience.

If you don’t know where to start, ask yourself if your site is worth your attention. Is it easy to navigate? Does it draw your attention to your key selling points? Does it convey the message you wanted to tell?

Establish New Connections  

Social media sites are the most effective ways to maximise your online brand presence. This is a great way to promote visibility and earn brand loyalty. To reach worldwide audiences, you should come up with solutions to remain in contact. The more you try to make a connection with customers, the more confident you will be when selling your products and services.

Remember, getting noticed is the first step to successfully get more customers. Your brand should work as hard as you do. After all, it’s the biggest asset of your business.

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ford fiesta

More About the Assembly Line

Published on September 29th, 2014 | by John Robinson

Venturing into a manufacturing business requires knowledge about certain technicalities depending on the product or service you may offer. More or less, these procedures include metal working, machine control, and logistics. But, if there’s one thing you need to go over thoroughly, it should be the assembly line.

ford fiestaFor starters, an assembly line is a manufacturing process that involves the appending or adding of compatible parts to a product in an efficient order until the finished product reaches the end of the phase. The process is commonly seen in car or airplane factories.

The concept of the assembly line is credited to Ransom Olds and is further improved by Henry Ford by introducing conveyor belts; hence, the term moving assembly line. But, how can this process help you in your mass production business?

The Benefits

Car companies, most notably Ford, and industrial applications businesses, like Lyndex-Nikken, believe that assembly lines increase production and ensure uniformity of all products. It doesn’t require a worker to master the entire process of building, as he is assigned to work only on one or two aspects of the process. This makes training easier and quite inexpensive. The production is faster, as tasks are limited and there are set times in each process to avoid backlogs.

If you have a sizeable fund, you can choose to invest in machines you can put along the assembly line. Going for this option will ensure accuracy.

Common Issues

Understand that despite the efficiency the assembly production offers, there are some challenges that need to be overcome. Demand issues are the most obvious. If there are drastic changes in demands in your industry, it can be difficult to adjust the process, especially if it’s been used to a certain pace and volume.  Adjustments in the process, acquisition of materials, and staffing can cost a lot of money.

Whether you’re resorting to manual labor or depending on machines, problems in communication and the equipment may cause glitches on a product before it even reaches the end of the line. In turn, it will obstruct coming sets that need to be assembled; thus, causing delays and backlogs. Bottlenecks are commonly caused by unbalanced workloads in some phases of the production.

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Health Management

drug addiction

Forewarned Is Forearmed: Understanding Drug Addiction

Published on September 26th, 2014 | by Joseph Francis

drug addictionDrug abuse is a common problem worldwide: in 2008, nearly 6% of the global population aged 15-64 had misused drugs at least once. This is equivalent to about 250 million people, with the number expected to rise in recent years.

Misconceptions about the nature of addiction add to the dilemma, preventing users from seeking reliable treatment. The first step in treating substance abuse requires an understanding of why it works and why people are addicted, notes.

Lost in Transmission

The central nervous system (CNS) consists of the brain and the spinal cord. Special cells called neurons comprise the CNS, communicating with each other using chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Substance abuse tampers with the production of three neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. Dopamine is the “happy hormone”, produced during times of pleasure; serotonin is the “mood hormone”, which regulates sleep and appetite; finally, norepinephrine is the “stress hormone”, controlling the body’s fight-or-flight response.

Intake of too much drugs triggers a surge of these neurotransmitters in the brain. Eventually, the brain develops a tolerance, resulting in increasing dosage to prompt dopamine production. Addiction then develops.

A Drug a Day…

Done long enough, substance abuse will inevitably lead to physical dependence. Physical dependence is the strange behavior that most people describe drug addicts with, such as red eyes, poor memory, and irritability. It forces sufferers to take the drugs regularly; these symptoms usually subside after consumption of the drug.

…Keeps the Doctor Away

Prevention is still the best medicine, but in case you are dealing with a substance abuser, it’s necessary to find reliable treatment. Because of the shame and misunderstanding attached to the illness, victims fail to look for therapy. In 2007, an estimated 89.6% of drug addicts did not receive any treatment.

In the US, there are three recognized approaches to dealing with the problem, none of which is mutually exclusive: medication, behavioral therapy and penal. Medication only detoxifies the body and removes addictive chemicals. An outpatient therapy program is a long-term solution. The penal system is also a good alternative, which puts the addict in a criminal justice environment for internal rehabilitation.

Substance addiction is a complex illness. A good treatment often stems from thorough knowledge of the condition, and applying that knowledge to find suitable action.

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